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Cornerstone Writing Books


The Art of Styling Sentences

Learn to use patterns to create great sentences and hone the skill of variety when it comes to sentence length. Once you master the techniques, your writing will reach a new level.
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techniques of the selling writer cover

Techniques of the Selling Writer

The best book on what it really takes to get great writing published. Keep in mind, some of the examples and situations are outdated because the book was first published in 1965.
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the writer's journey cover

The Writer's Journey:

Mythic Structure for Writers

If you intend to have a career writing fiction or memoir, you have to read this book.
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plot perfect cover

Plot Perfect

How to Build Unforgettable Stories Scene by Scene

A newer perspective on the information from Techniques of the Selling Writer with in-depth explanations and excellent examples.
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writing the breakout novel cover

Writing the Breakout Novel

Donald Maass is the go-to perspective for new and/or struggling writers of fiction. Start with this book, and the accompanying workbook if you can find it, then make your way through the rest of his writing guides.
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The First 50 Pages:

Engage Agents, Editors and Readers, and Set Your Novel Up For Success

For writers who always struggle with the beginning of the story and a great primer for what to do to get your manuscript out of the slush pile.
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the screenwriters bible

The Screenwriter's Bible

Invaluable guide for aspiring screenwriters and novel writers alike. To start, how to whittle your descriptions down to the most succinct words is something all writers should learn.
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On Writing Well

The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction

Writing non-fiction is as much of an art as writing fiction. Learn from the best.
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save the cat trilogy

Save The Cat Trilogy

While most of Blake Snyder’s expertise has been criticized since his death, these books are great from a writer’s perspective because they teach you how to analyze a story, create a solid plotline, and understand the importance of the key scenes in a story. At the very least, a beginning writer gets a clean, uncomplicated visual example of a storyboard.
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