How I Work

If you identify with Writer 1, you might feel like writing your book was a hopeless waste of time. But, I promise, that is rarely the case. Or maybe, like Writer 2, you love your story as is…but your agent, publisher, CP, or beta readers think there is something missing and you just can’t see it? Perception is paramount in the writing process, and sometimes your perception gets clouded at the end of a draft. Fear can get in the way. But just as often it is a writer’s confidence that alters perception on a manuscript. Editors balance your perception with reality and work to bring out the full potential of your words. It is never easy to kill your darlings and the better emotional and instructional support your editor can provide, the more at ease you will be during the dismemberment process (a grim term for a grim task).

Critiquing and Editing

Whether you request a Critique or Edit, your manuscript will be read three or more times. The first read-through is as a Reader. The second, as an Editor and includes the agreed upon notes and commentary. The third read-through is once again as a Reader, treating all the notes and commentary as part of the new draft. If, after this read-through, I notice things I’ve overlooked or decide to make any changes to my commentary or notes, I will read your manuscript a fourth time as a Reader incorporating those changes. Depending on the complexity and depth of your manuscript, I may need to do a few more read-throughs before I am satisfied with my analysis and/or edits.

All manuscript edits are made in-document and by utilizing Microsoft’s Track Changes feature. If certain changes or editorial comments need more space, you will receive a document compiling all those instances together in read-through order at the same time your manuscript is returned.

Your Creation Plan consists of the specific details that accompany your service request and the official copy of the Creation Plan is the Editor-Client Contract itself.

As stated in the Editor-Client Contract that you will receive after I accept your manuscript, it is solely the Editor’s choice whether or not to allow the client to credit Writer’s Rebirth as editor in the front matter of the published book. I make this choice based the following criteria:

  • How well the author and I worked together
  • How invested the author was in the process
  • How much the author listened to my commentary
  • How many edits/changes the author ignored without explanation

At this time, Writer's Rebirth will only Critique, Developmentally edit, and Line edit fiction, but will Proofread both nonfiction and fiction.

Please take note that I am willing to Critique and Edit any fiction genre. However, I will be the most beneficial to writers of fantasy.

Typically, I have no issues editing romance stories of varying heat levels, erotica included. But your erotic manuscript must adhere to the following rules to be accepted:

  • the sex scenes must move the story forward
  • rape or other kinds of coerced, sexual interaction cannot be depicted as a good or pleasurable experience
  • there must be a good on-page balance between the plot and the sex scenes.

Phoenix does require a contract before services will begin. Once a service/package is agreed upon she will send you the contract.