Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Writer’s Rebirth?

If you have been searching for a manuscript editor, you know the competition is fierce. As a new company, Writer’s Rebirth has the hard task of building a client base while honing its unique service processes. Unlike most of her competition, Phoenix is not here to fix your writing. Rather, she is here to give you the knowledge that will make you a better writer.

Her commentary is deeply involved, often coming from a perspective that is different from the typical editor. Her way of analyzing and interpreting written material, especially literature, is unique in all the best ways. And her ability to adapt her writing to any author’s style makes it incredibly easy to integrate her edits into your manuscript.

Phoenix does not sugar-coat or lie. She is honest, straight-forward and occasionally blunt. But she is always professional and strives to cultivate a friendly writer-to-editor relationship that will last. Whatsmore, her investment in your story will never be faked because her goal is to revitalize your story by teaching you how to better develop your writing. Helping writers reach their real potential is her passion.

What is your average turnaround time per manuscript?

2 to 3 weeks for single-round services for a book with 200 pages or less.

3 to 6 weeks for non-package, multi-service requests for a book with 200 pages or less. This includes writer revisions between services.

If draft revision is a problem area for you, Writer's Rebirth recommends that you pick a 3, 6, or 12 month package. The packages were designed for the Writer, not the Editor.

Which service is best for my project?

Writer’s Rebirth recommends all clients start with a Manuscript Critique and/or Developmental Edit, then move to a Line Edit and end with a Proofread. Put another way, your next step should be the service you haven’t had done yet.

Writer’s Rebirth does not Copyedit. Please seek this service elsewhere.

I’m not a good writer. Will you still assist with my project?

Writer’s Rebirth takes exception to the idea that there are good and bad writers. A bad writer is simply a writer lacking the foundation of language necessary to be a good writer. Phoenix treats every editing project as a teaching session. Her goal is to bring your writing to another level through in-depth commentary and a thorough discussion of your material’s problem areas, highlighting how to fix them and how to avoid them in the future.

Do you offer a sample Developmental Edit before taking on a new client?

Yes. If you are unsure about working with Writer’s Rebirth, Phoenix’s free sample edit will help make your decision. See the Contact page for email directives.

Currently, Phoenix does not developmentally edit nonfiction. She hopes to change this in the future.

What are your service limitations?

Phoenix only contacts clients via email and phone. She does not Skype. She is available for phone calls every day between the hours of 1pm and 7:30pm EST. You may also text her from 11am to 9pm EST, Mon-Fri.

What is your company’s refund policy?

Refunds will be given if extenuating circumstances—as outlined in the Contract—make it difficult for either party to continue the process.

A refund does not include the deposit.

What is your company’s cancellation policy?

Writer’s Rebirth will only cancel a service by client request, or if Phoenix is unable to work due to illness or injury. Cancellations are free as long your manuscript has not come up in the queue yet. If, however, work is underway on your material and you wish to cancel, you will be billed for the work done. If Writer’s Rebirth is the source of the cancellation, you pay only half price for the work that has been completed.

Rather than cancel your service request, Writer’s Rebirth recommends that you simply ask to be moved up or down in the queue. This ensures that your manuscript still gets the needed attention without conflicting with your current constraints. There is a $10 fee for repositioning your manuscript in the queue which will be added onto your final payment. Be advised, you pay each time you ask to be moved up or down. You may reposition your manuscript up to three times before Writer’s Rebirth will suggest a full cancellation.

Do you offer payment plans?

No; but I am willing to work with my clients' financial limitations. Your payment can be broken into up to 5 parts, including the deposit.

You will pay the deposit before work begins to reserve your spot in the queue. This means that no service will begin until the deposit is electronically received. Your deposit is 10% of your overall total and is nonrefundable.

Your final payment must be received no more than 14 days after Writer’s Rebirth sends your final invoice. No manuscript will be returned until full payment has been rendered.

All payments are electronic. Writer’s Rebirth does not accept mailed checks or cash.

Do you work with a contract?

Yes. Once we agree upon a service/package I will send you the contract details.